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Slinging Singapore

Goodbye Singars

overcast 27 °C

Well in singapore airport at moment nic is watching the rally cas on tele whilst i take advantage of the free internet.
Waiting to board our flight got leg room onboth flights.
Anyway just hit the duty free all is well. Whos going to be lending me money when i get back then??
Answers and deposits in a brown envelope please.
Skinto Maximus!!!
So to whoever loves me out there dig deep and dont hold back its for a good cause.
Please give generously.

Laters Signing off
Until Next time.

To Be Continued............................

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Well we are now in singapore enjoying the last few days of our trip.
Its mega expensive compared to everywhere else we have been but very nice.
We havent done anything hear really went down orchard road yesterday, full of loads of designer shops. Nics a bit gutted she has not got any money to go on a massive shopping spree. We walked passed the Hilton on orchard road. There were 3 ferraris and four lamborghinis parked outside of it. I was gobsmacked Amazing!!!
Didnt get any pictures cos i didnt have my camera on me. No worries though i will be investigating again so i will have my camera next time.
Were going to the zoo today to see some white tigers and what have you. We may go the night zoo tomo night aswell not to sure.

We got a first class seaterbus form KL to singapore which was wellood dead spacious only took 5 hours but didnt seem that long and it cos us about four pound. Madness

Anyway got to drop some boys of at the pool. See you

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KL: And All That Jazz

Bonjour Les Enfants,
Well KL is alot different from anywhere else we have been. Its very very western with a touch of india and chinese and thai all mixed in. Its A GREAT HULOABALOOJALLAMANFRAZY.

We have been getting drunk this afternoon!!! IUm hurt!!! Nic is in the hotel room watchging jazz funk and chinese thai psychedelllic adverts. Madness!!!!

Anyway wer have been up the KL tower yesterday which is the fourth highest tower in thw wo9rld it was pretty high.
Also we went the butterfly house, bird santctuary and plAnetarium all three werte pretty shit though. Not to worry.
The Kl tower was quite good. Very High and you can see an awful lot.
Guess thjats all i gotta say about that!!!

Shrimp loads of shrimp fried shrimp battered shrimp cooked shrim raw shrimp i guess i have eaten every kinda shrimp ya can think off over here i guess bubba, i mean Nici, is mighty proud of all the shrimp that ive ate.
Were getting the bus to singapore sunday and then we have four full days there i guess that may be a little too much as i dont think there is much to do there although i am about to research and find out. Until then fellow mortals.

Peace Out
La Mac Live, Signing out!

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Kualar Lumpur

First Class Style To KL

Well we arrived in KL a few days ago and are here for around five days when we got to the airport at 10:45 in the morning we were told that are flight had been cancelled. bummer. The next available flight was 9:00pm. I was LIVID of course. So after hanging round the airport for a few hours we decided enough was enough and cancelled our flight and got our money back. We then went to another airline (bear in mind only two airlines travel from this tiny airport and they both only go to KL aswell, there next flight was booked up except business class. We whippped our insurance out to Air asia and they ended up footing the bill for our first class departure from Kota Baru to KL it was well good, big massive seets hot flannels brought to you, classical music being played food drinks before and afer flight. Bags first out of the plane etc very good.
KL is mad loads of western people here, guess cos it used to be part of th british empire loads of sky scrapers mad builkdings futurisic palava. We went to the aquarimum yesterday, us being budding fish faces now..... Today we are going to the butterfly park and whatever else is on the way there. Thats it for now home a week tommorow. Have it. Mum get me a fillet steak from tescos please......... im im talking the finest selecrtion there about 8 pound for two little fillets please please dont get the cheap stuff. If you loved me you will...... hahahah Thanks.

Right off to catch me a butterfry see you rater

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Perhenthian Kecil

sunny 50 °C

Well we have not long left now. boo hoo

Any offers for picking us up from the airport?
Neil, Louise, Ian?

Im sure your missing me that much that there will be a race between you.

Check our flight info from the link below.


cut and paste into browser.

Weve been snorkelling with massive turtles on this island and also more sharks black tip sharks these were a bit bigger than the leapord sharks and looked like proper sharks.
Its extremely hot here too hot to sit out in the sun all day.
There are massive monitor lizards here just chilling on the beach also massive massive gheckos just chillin outside our chalet of a night time.

We havent seen any wild monkeys of yet but are assured they are on the island along with recticulated pythons and pit vipers. Scary.
Were going to go in the jungle in a few days so hopefully we will see some of these creatures then.

Ive uploaded some photos anyway See you all soon.
Smell Ya

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