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Oh My Buddah

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Well on our last day before we went to kanchanaburi we went to visit the reclining buddah and took a tuc tuc with no events in between. Nic has got very bossy and teacher like with the tuc tuc drivers so i can just sit back and be embarassed.
The reclining buddah is amazin best thing we have seen in bangkok, we want to take it home with us but not sure we have anywhere to put it.
Then we were up at seven on the 21st febuary to get a minibus to kanchanaburi we were met by a man called Michael Jackson, it seems that all the tour guides adopt a famous western person for their name rather than their thai name i guess it \s becasue no wan can pronounce there name @Chan Fang Dow@. After a gruelling journey we went and visited the bridge over tyhe river kwai where nic got about a 1/4 of the way accros and had to turn back because there are massive holes in the bridge its not safe at all.
I think she done very well considering, although the brown stain i witnessed on her costume tells me otherwise now.
Then we went and visited the tigers in their temple which was bizzare we have took many amazing photos of them but cant put them on at the moment because the computer im on wont let me. Bummer!
Then we went to see some waterfall which was ok, only small.
Then it was back to be fed, eugh, i was so hungry it didnt really mnatter but in the jungle i guess theres not much choice. We then got took to our accomadation by longboaty along the river kwai it was very surreal. When we arrive the accomadation was alot better than we originally thought it would be we had air con and a fan. We crtashed straight away think we were asleep for about 7:30.

22nd Feb
Woke up for seven oclock, knackered, nic wasnt welll had a cold which i am now just overcoming. That day we went to the erawan waterfall which was amazing but very hard work indeed. it had seven tiers and was about 750 metres up we climbed right to the top and swam in the laggoony thing at athe top. Where there was wild monkeys and snakes etc. A monkey jumped down from the tree and started rooting through someones bag i thought it was hysterical he also then obliged by urinating all over the said items.

Then we went to the hell fire pass which was a train track built by prisoners of war from thailand to burma we walked the whole thing and got lost in immense heat, we were not impressed as the guide didnt come with us. We survived anyway. I suppose he wanted us to feel like a pow.
Then back to camp for lots of beer drinking and a sore head in the morning.

23rd Feb
Very sore head in the morning and a cold/flu, horrid.
We went on the river kwai on a bamboo rtaft which was nice but considering our hangovers and my flu wasnt that exhilariting.
Then it was off to sit on the elephants, wasnt that impressed weith that felt a bit tighht on the elephants as thats all thwey do all day the highlight of thsat was stroking and feeding them bananas though that was nice. Elephant snot all over me mmmmmm.
Then we went back to camp ate a bit of food and gto back on th e minibus back to bangkok. We were on the minibus for ages 4 hours it was roasting i was dehydrated with the flu i wanted to die.
Then to make us feel better we went to mcdonalds. We had to book a night in a dive of a place well wasnt that bad but would probs be my lastr choice. Its very busy round here cos of chinese new year.

24th Feb
Were off to chiang Mai today going to hopefully do white water rafdting and visit a hill tribe. Back to bangkok on the 27th and then to Hanoi in vietnam on the 28th.

So long popo pickers speak soon.
I will try and stick some photos on if i get a chance.
Smell Ya

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Wow, can't believe you've only been gone a week. Sounds like you've seen and been to some amazing places. I had a look on the internet and read about all the things you've done. The tiger temple looks cool and the waterfall looks beautiful. Send pictures soon!!!!
Hope Nics brown stain isn't permanent and that you feel better soon! Trust you to get the 'flu', at least there'll be plenty of chances to sweat it out!
Sorry to do the 'mum' thing but make sure you keep drinking lots of water! ;-)
My friend says that you must visit Halong Bay, just north of Hanoi when you go to Vietnem and if you're travelling South visit Hoi An. Apparently you must take Nic to the Cargo Club in Hoi An as they have the most amazing restaurants and the world's lovliest chocolate mousse for less than a £1. Have fun in Chiang Mai! Big Sis xxx

by louisemc33

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