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Slinging Singapore

Goodbye Singars

overcast 27 °C

Well in singapore airport at moment nic is watching the rally cas on tele whilst i take advantage of the free internet.
Waiting to board our flight got leg room onboth flights.
Anyway just hit the duty free all is well. Whos going to be lending me money when i get back then??
Answers and deposits in a brown envelope please.
Skinto Maximus!!!
So to whoever loves me out there dig deep and dont hold back its for a good cause.
Please give generously.

Laters Signing off
Until Next time.

To Be Continued............................

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Current Events

Hanoi Bangkok Phuket

sunny 37 °C

Hi all well after an eventful four days in vietnam we are now in phuket. The first day in hanoi was dire we arrived it was raining and cold. We then went on a boat trip the nmext day to halong bay. WOW WOW WOW This place was amazing so nice we slept on a junk boaty in the bay anbd went kayaking in emerald green waters through caves and everything. The rest of the tour was basically just sailing round the 2000 islands they have there. Very pretty and so relaxing fter the stressful time we had there. We arrived back in hanoi city after that and went str8 to the airport as Vietnam was proving a little too stressful for me at that time too much traffic and far too many beeps from cars motorcylces and what have you. We had to pay $526 for both of us to leave hanopi and had to get a plane back to bangkok. Then we were to late to get a flight down south sao we ended up having to get a hotel byu the airport more expense we couldnt afford, we ended up the next morning having to spend about 6 hours in the airport before we caught a flight down here to phuket. We booked a hotel in the airport for three nights then were going to try and catch a boat to krabi and an island we have been reccomended by a couple of polish lads we met. They went swimming with Sharks HAve it Ill have some of that please.

We have been on the beach all day today and now were both frazzled and brown after just 3 hours in the sun. I think tommorow were going to hire a jetski and try some stunts on the water out sunburn provailing.
Running out of money now though so little bit worried but i guess we will get buy somehow.Any donations will be gladly recieved.
Or 0% loans on a long term basis.
Ill try and put some more picxs on soon but it takes ages and is a right pain in the arse.
Anyways byes for now.

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